Treating Overuse Injury’s at KPC

A step-by-step approach for successful return to sport with overuse injuries ➡️🏀🏈⚾

One major problem with overuse injuries, is that they tend to occur again repeatedly…

How do we prevent overuse injuries from coming back?

Proper load management after return to sport seems to be key 🔑 This can be done by bridging the gap between physio’s and coaches.

Traditionally, physios have only been involved in:

✔️ Reducing load
✔️ Increasing tissue load tolerance
✔️ Addressing risk factors
✔️ Replicating sport-specific demands with rehab and testing.

These measures are very important, but we should collaborate closer with coaches after the player has returned to sport, in order to ensure that the risk of injury recurrence is decreased.

Structured, appropriate loading may ensure RTP-success and unstructured or excessive loading will likely not.

What do you guys think? Want to learn more about loading management? 👇⚖️

World-leading expert Tim Gabbett wrote this blog: Load Management is Not About Decreasing Minutes

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