At Kalamunda Physio, in our indoor heated pool, we offer hydrotherapy and a range of pool based exercise classes and lessons for different ages, outcomes and fitness levels.

Hydrotherapy and exercising in warm water, has a number of proven benefits, including:

  • Easing pain through the warmth of the water
  • Reducing pressure on joints through the buoyancy of water
  • Maintaining and improving joint range of motion

All classes given or supervised by a physiotherapist are rebatable depending on your private health insurance cover. Please contact your provider to check.

View the Kalamunda Physio Pool timetable here

Arthritis Pool Classes

These classes are designed and conducted by a physiotherapist to improve the flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness of those who find exercising on land difficult. They are suitable for people with moderate to severe arthritic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Some classes are tailored towards cardiovascular fitness and others towards mobility exercises. People with moderate to severe reduction in mobility can also attend, including those with chronic low back pain.

As well as being ideal for those with mild to moderate arthritis conditions, this class is also designed to meet the needs of pregnant women.

You can choose from beginner to advanced classes.

Supervised Hydrotherapy Classes

People who wish to carry out individual exercise programs in a heated pool under the supervision of a physiotherapist, would benefit from the Supervised Hydrotherapy Class.

Those with postoperative conditions such as total hip and knee replacements, spinal surgery and some medical conditions, would also be suited to this class. In each case, the treating physiotherapist will provide you with a specific programme. Your programme is then monitored, adapted as necessary and reviewed regularly by your physio to ensure the programme continues to meet your treatment goals.

View the Kalamunda Physio Pool timetable here

Swimming Lessons

Barracuda Babies Swim Classes are held in the Kalamunda Physiotherapy Centre indoor heated pool. These Swim Classes are designed for pre-school and school aged children; access more information on these swimming lessons here.