Our facilities at KPC

Kalamunda Physiotherapy Centre has the best facilities, hands down, for your rehabilitation and maintenance of peak physical condition. 

 The indoor heated pool and fully equipped gymnasium allows our experienced and highly qualified Physiotherapists to optimally treat all of your  needs to get back to the physical activities you desire.

 The indoor heated pool caters for the early stages of joint replacement, lower back pain, post-surgical back rehabilitation, progression to land based exercise programs, early phase rehabilitation programs and general maintenance programs to have you reaching your physical goals.  We also have our famous Learn to Swim program operating out of the pool.

 The fully equipped gym caters for late stages of joint replacement, core stability exercise programs, land based and late phase rehabilitation programs and general maintenance programs to keep you in peak physical shape.

 We look forward to assisting you reach your desired physical goals and look forward to you contacting us for further information.  You can also visit the website,  www.kalamundaphysio.com.au for more information or to book online.



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