In our Kalamunda gym we’ve created a safe, supportive and informed environment for you to reach your fitness, injury prevention or rehabilitation goals.

You’ll receive an assessment from one of our experienced physiotherapist and they will develop a tailored programme for the results you are seeking, instruct you on correct form and recommend an appropriate gym class where you can work towards your goals.

We offer a range of programmes and classes for pre and post surgery, arthritis, sport injury prevention and rehabilitation, weight loss, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. View the Kalamunda Physio Gym Timetable here

All classes given or supervised by a physiotherapist are rebatable depending on your private health insurance cover; please check with them directly.

Fit For Life

This class provides a vigorous workout in a safe, non-threatening environment, with an aim to generate strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Fit For Life is an all-round fitness programme designed for those seeking weight loss, are diabetic, are at risk of developing cardiac problems or wish to improve their fitness levels.

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Balance improvement and fall prevention
  • Enhanced fitness, flexibility and health
  • Weight loss


The focus of this class is to address osteoporosis through individualised programmes with an emphasis on weight bearing movements, postural exercises, strengthening of large muscle groups and advice on the management of osteoporosis.

  • Maintain or increase bone density
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  • Balance training as a vital component in falls prevention
  • Osteoporosis education and advice
  • Tailored programme for the management of your osteoporosis

Core Stability

Current research shows encouraging results concerning the management of chronic back pain with core stability exercises and the success of programmes such as those proposed by Western Australian researchers with significant reputation in the research of lower back pain.

Based on these research principles, this class educates you on the role of postural stabilisers and aims to strengthen muscles in various positions, under the careful instruction of a trained physiotherapist to avoid causing further injury. We also use mat and ball-based exercises so participants are able to continue doing the exercises at home. The class is suitable for clients with chronic back and neck pain, post-back surgery, hypermobility, chronic stiffness and poor posture.

  • Postural control
  • Postural muscle strength
  • Specific rehabilitation following injury
  • Includes floor/mat, fit ball and specialised Pilates equipment
  • Incorporated in the supervised gym class

Supervised Gym Class

This class incorporates individually tailored core stability and strength training programmes to be carried out under the close supervision of a physiotherapist. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels who want to achieve specific fitness goals.

Those who benefit most from this class include athletes seeking injury prevention or rehabilitation, those wanting improved functionality post surgery e.g. total hip replacements, discectomies and knee replacements, and those looking for increased fitness and health.

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Sports injury minimisation and recovery
  • Specific rehabilitation following injury
  • Balance improvement and fall prevention
  • Enhanced fitness, flexibility and health
  • Core Stability facilitation
  • Gymnasium equipment is used including weights and machines
  • Weight loss

View the Kalamunda Physio Gym Timetable here