COVID 19 23rd Dec 2021 Update

According to the Premiers latest press conference today, in reference to the new community case from the nightclub in Northbridge, from 6pm this evening until 6am Tuesday, masks will be required to be worn indoors.

So, from 6pm tonight, until at least 6am Tuesday December 28, the following rules will apply across Perth and Peel:

– Masks will be mandatory in all public indoor settings, including workplaces, shopping centres, hospitality venues and public transport

– The mask mandate will not apply to the home, and will not apply for people doing vigorous indoor exercise

– We are recommending masks be worn outside when you cannot physically distance – so we are urging people to use common sense

– High risk, large public events like music festivals will be cancelled during this period and all nightclubs will be closed. All dancing will be banned, except for weddings

– In addition, the mask rules will also apply to anyone who has been in Perth or Peel since Thursday, 16 December and are now located in a different part of the State

I know this is not the news we wanted to hear two days before Christmas, but unfortunately this is the reality of COVID-19.

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